Connectwise Consulting

Let the Most Experienced ConnectWise Consultants Handle Everything, and Show You Exactly How It All Works.

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Connectwise Administration

ConnectWise has a myriad of features that need continual upkeep, and sometimes even day to day attention.

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Accelerate Your Implementation

We’ll ensure the install and launch is smooth, including creating new processes and conducting training.

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Accounting Services

You Became A Business Owner To Enjoy Life, Not To Do Bookkeeping.  Consider It Done.

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About Sierra Pacific Consulting

Your ConnectWise Specialists

Sierra Pacific Consulting is a leading provider of in-depth consulting services for IT and Managed Services, specializing in the robust implementation of ConnectWise. Our focus is on integrating today’s best business practices into a model which is flexible with your organization’s working culture for transformative results.

To date, Sierra Pacific Consulting has helped over 150+ to become more accountable, more efficient, and more profitable in the day-to-day running of their technology business while leveraging the incredible automation that ConnectWise offers when fully optimized.

Our consultants’ longstanding expertise in the ConnectWise platform and sensitivity to organizational processes ensures a granular implementation that supports dynamic growth while eliminating restrictive barriers, old inefficiencies, and outdated practices.

Combined with a honed focus on expediting integration through these solid foundational principles, our holistic, community-driven approach ensures that your company will emerge with a vigorous, technology-driven approach to deploying successful future initiatives.

We also offer expert consulting and assistance in accounting, management, and executive services. Together with our leading ConnectWise consultancy, Sierra Pacific Consulting offers one of the most comprehensive and insightful teams in the marketplace.

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Five Steps to Your Success

Regardless of the specific reason you hire us, all engagements follow a 5-step process that incorporates both years of experience and accepted Best Practices. Whether we’re taming ConnectWise for you, training your people, implementing new processes, helping you through a partnership or merger, or any combination of such, our process has proven extremely effective:

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If we agree on engagement, we proceed to step two, which, in our opinion, is the most crucial step in the process. It’s here where, together, we find out where you truly are in your business. Our Discovery Assessment is designed to uncover and make plain the mission critical details that will help your business perform better.


We won’t bore you with the minute details of this step but, in a nutshell, we really get to know you, and you really get to know us. We gather more info, listen to you and your people, analyze everything, and tailor a solution to specifically meet your business needs. We also educate you on how best to work with us and set a plan of action in motion.


This is where the nuts and bolts begin. It’s impossible to fully define this step, as the seeds are planted in the previous three, and what sprouts from these seeds is different for every company (and that’s the right way to do it – implementation that respects YOUR way of doing things.)


We stick around, to make sure you have and are using your tools in the most effective and profitable manor possible. We educate and train, and help get you on track to a successful, more efficient business.

What you’ll be left with once work is complete is a well-tuned business environment that has an efficient service team, administrative department, and a powerful sales engine… and who doesn’t want that?

Sales Module

Are you utilizing the Sales Module? And if yes, to its fullest?

Work Roles & Work Types

Is there a way to better define Work Roles and Work Types?


Do you understand how Tracks work?

Service Board
Work Roles
ConnectWise Integrations
Workflow Rules
Sales Module

ConnectWise Integrations

Learn how products flow through from Quosal to ConnectWise to QuickBooks.

Service Board

Identify patterns in the Service Board to catch problems before the client does.

ConnectWise Workflow Rules

Am you using work flow rules to squeeze every bit of value out of ConnectWise?

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