About Sierra Pacific Consulting

Who We Are

Sierra Pacific Consulting is a Managed Services and IT Consulting Firm specializing in ConnectWise consulting and implementation, accounting services, best-practices business processes, and simply making your company better at what you do.

Who We Serve

Our typical client is an IT company who is either growing, or has grown in the past and is looking to reclaim that upward spark. Company size is generally anywhere from $1 Million to $100 Million in revenue, but truthfully, the internal attitude is more important. Our clients understand the need for outside help, and recognize the benefits of specialized expertise.

Our Respect for You

The key component of why we’re an excellent choice lies in our belief that your way of doing business must be recognized and respected. It’s much better, for both you and your people, to have processes and technology (like ConnectWise) adapted to fit your company’s culture and methodology. After all, you’ve made it this far – clearly you’re doing something right.

This attitude also helps employee buy in. All too often, when the consultants come in, employees smile in the meetings, and grumble in the breakroom. That doesn’t happen with Sierra Pacific Consulting, because the changes we help foster make complete sense to everyone.


Adam Bielanski, President


Carrie Downing, Bookkeeping Ninja


Marlena Vassak, Application Consulting Ninja


Amanda Williams, Bookkeeping Ninja


Michelle Zix, Accounting Ninja


Whether you are looking to create a more efficient company, expand your sales team, enhance profitability, or improve customer service delivery, Sierra Pacific Consulting offers all the services to help your business achieve your goals.

ConnectWise Consulting

onnectWise can help businesses better manage and track invoices, procurements, proposals and sales quotes.

ConnectWise Admin Services

Our ConnectWise Administration services use industry-specific, best practices to create a tailor-made digital strategy.

Implementation Services

We’ll ensure the install and launch is smooth, including creating new processes and conducting training.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

We offer accounting and bookkeeping services to companies for keeping track of day-to-day and complex transactions.


Adam Bielanski, President

Of all the sights glimpsed by those bold enough to travel the daunting Technology Trail (and in particular, by way of ConnectWise pass), none is more welcome than Adam Bielanski’s woodland lodge (otherwise known as Sierra Pacific Consulting). Take comfort, weary traveler, for your worries are over.

Adam has been involved in IT and managed services since 2002, when he founded his first respite, Valley TechLogic, a managed service business in Merced, California. Adam then started consulting on his own in 2012, which led to his firm becoming one the industry’s leading ConnectWise Consultants, not to mention a welcoming, profit enhancing waypoint for those battling the harsh elements of IT.

However, while ConnectWise consulting was a core service offering, Adam wanted to combine it with accounting, processes, and related expertise. That led to him founding Sierra Pacific Consulting in 2016, with a firm focus and on ConnectWise, Accounting, and Business Process services that are battle tested and proven effective in the face of evolving market share, best practices, and hungry coyotes.

On a personal level, Adam and his wife have two young boys, and they are often included in his Adventure Photography pursuits, especially in the back country of Yosemite (now you know where all this outdoor stuff comes from). From volunteer work and mission trips to coaching baseball and volunteering in the community, giving back is an essential element of Adam’s being, and helping others, both professional and personally, gives him great pleasure.

Carrie Downing, Bookkeeping Ninja

Let's pretend there's some trouble in town, and someone has to be sent in "to clean this place up". Someone who can not only handle the big, obvious stuff (like the unruly gang in the saloon), but also takes care of the "behind the scenes" trouble (like that pesky overlord who "owns" the town). That's what Carrie Downing brings to the team.

Carrie's specialization is bookkeeping/accounting, but her real talent shines when there's trouble on the horizon (or a disturbance in the Force if we're switching genres). Her favorite thing about accounting is taking a bunch of rogue numbers and scattered figures, and whipping them into a clean, orderly spreadsheet or report. She's been taming the untamable for more than a decade, and was formally recognized by the powers that be in 2011, receiving her degree in Accounting from National University.

When not on the front lines fighting for truth, justice, and company books that make sense, Carrie can be found at home cooking, or perhaps engaged in further training (she enjoys running.) She is also quite social, enjoying time spent with family and friends, but is always on the alert for the "Sierra Pacific Signal" and ready to spring into action (ok, we don't really have a signal - it's more like a cell phone).

Marlena Vassak, Application Consulting Ninja

When preparing for battle (or consulting…), it helps to have someone whose skills and experience mirror the leader, and helps augment the team as a whole. This is the role Marlena Vassak takes on at our firm (or Dojo, if we’re keeping in character).

Marlena comes to us with a prolific, established skillset, with more than a dozen years of expertise in operations management within the IT industry. Her focus has been on managed service providers, and she also has more than 10 years of ConnectWise experience, along with unrivaled proficiencies in Salesforce, Quoteworks, and ConnectWise Sell (formally Quosal). This makes her an ideal fit in our never-ending quest to reduce inefficiencies and increase client’s profitability. Her approach is measured, and her sense of timing sharp – she dissects bottlenecks with an assassin’s precision, and ensures ConnectWise does exactly what you need it to.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her kids and family, and the whole sword and blade thing isn’t too far from the truth, as she’s a true outdoors person. In fact, when not tirelessly stalking what ails our clients, she keeps her skills sharp by both hunting and fishing.

Amanda Williams, Bookkeeping Ninja

In any good movie, you have the wildcard character – that one who defies conventional trappings to go her own way, eventually joining our story on the side of good. That’s Amanda Williams, our accounting specialist. Amanda came to Sierra Pacific Consulting in 2016 with an impressive array of skills related to accounting and finance, along with a cool, calm “you sure you want to do that, Sailor?” demeanor.

(Note: some say she appeared out of nowhere on the hazy horizon with a foreboding soundtrack in the background, but we digress).

The truth is, Amanda spent years honing her craft, beginning with a BS Degree in Accounting at San Diego State University, and an MBA from Ashford University. Along the way, she spent 8 years with Cox Communications, beginning in Accounts Payable, and touching every aspect of finance and accounting before departing as a Financial Analyst. She then spent two years fighting the good fight as a bookkeeper for hire in San Diego, before settling in with Sierra Pacific Consulting, where she handles all manner of accounting projects. Married with one child, Amanda also enjoys the outdoors, photography, or sticking her nose deep into a book (and sometimes all three at once – yup, she multitasks!)

Michelle Zix, Accounting Ninja

Michelle’s credentials include more than 25 years of accounting experience, along with 12 years of deep involvement with ConnectWise. Her path started during her college years (Business Management Degree from San Diego State University, with a minor in stealth, dark outfits, and throwing stars). One of her first jobs in college included selling Macintosh computers at a Heath Zenith store, and afterwards, she rose through the ranks until eventually working in accounting at a biotech startup which was purchased by Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

However, like the great Ninja masters foretold in a ceremony of tea and thick incense smoke, her path kept changing, until the focus and life calling presented itself. In 2008 Michelle was hired to do the bookkeeping at Valley TechLogic, which led to doing the same for Bering McKinley in 2010. This experience translated to client services, and while at Bering McKinley, Michelle was able to use her accounting and ConnectWise experience to help MSP companies improve the communication and integration between ConnectWise and QuickBooks. This led to one final leap, joining colleague Adam Bielanski in forming Sierra Pacific Consulting, where she helps ensure clients get the most out of ConnectWise, be it by sword, stealth, or a series of precision-placed keyboard clicks.