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Fit Personalities In Where They Work Best With DISC


You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that people are different. As a business owner, however, you do have a responsibility to find a way to build a working business using the personalities you have at your disposal. One great way for the modern manager to assess what kind of personalities you have on your team is to have your would-be employees take a DISC personality assessment.

How do a series of seemingly random questions work toward dictating whether or not someone could be a good fit for a job? Well, it doesn’t. The test provides a level of understanding of human behavior that can help your company fill a position and help a manager improve the productivity of his/her staff by knowing how to best handle certain situations.

DISC has now become one of the most prevalent and accepted personality assessment tools businesses use. The four letters represent four different personality types. They are:

D - Dominant - Forceful, Decisive, Risk Taking, Results Oriented.
I - Influential - Talkative, Impulsive, Optimistic, Trusting, Persuasive.
S - Steady - Friendly, Kind, Predictable, Supportive, Understanding.
C- Conscientious - Accurate, Analytical, Cautious, Private.

The question then becomes, how is knowing that someone is more understanding then demanding help them be a better resource for an organization? Simple. The knowledge gained in the DISC assessment can be taken by managers and used to enhance productivity, efficiency, and communication. Everything that a person accomplishes is dependant on two factors: the efficiency in which a person is effective at accomplishing goals; and, how efficient and effective they are at inspiring and motivating others.

With a Sierra Pacific Consulting DISC assessment, your organization can:

  • Quickly and efficiently achieve goals
  • Build proper and effective leadership
  • Improve communication
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Conflict resolution
  • Increase individual and organizational productivity, efficiency, and communication
  • Match workers’ jobs to their skills
  • And much more

By gaining the right knowledge about your employees, you are able to make normally complicated relationships that much more effective. The empathy that your staff will have for each other is sure to work to your company’s benefit. After all, when you all want the same thing, getting on the same page is a crucial step.

If you would like to learn more about how a DISC assessment can help your organization onboard and retain the right people to make your endeavor a success, the professional efficiency consultants at Sierra Pacific Consulting are here to answer any of your DISC assessment-related questions. Call us today at 415-689-5015.

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