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Sell Without Selling; The Best Way To Gift Wrap Your Sales Appointments At Events


The education-based event “lunch and learn” we invite our prospects to attend, we should not attempt to sell our programs. Meaning no table of value, bonus offers, dropping of prices, or alternativeact now" incentives or calls-to-action. We can sell in a sales appointment, but we need to invite people to it in a clever way.If you were to end your event by saying, “The next step is for you to have a sales appointment with me,” then it’s obvious you’re just trying to get people into the appointment. Include the sales appointment as 1 piece of a 3-piece gift. Lets call this package “Technology Usability Pack”, but you can call it whatever you’d like. This creates an attractive bundle that people can ask for at the end of the event. The package includes three different pieces. · Free Report or Ebook · Gift · Sales appointment These are bundled together, so that even if someone just wants the Ebook the Gift, too bad. They get the sales appointment as well. That brings us to the final step.



In the event they have successfully registered for the gift and reserved a time for the sales appointment, it Is your responsibility to have a Conversion Consultation. This is a nine-step consultation that moves people from being curious to committed in a 45 to 60-minute period. It’s beautiful because there’s no pressure and it extends the gap between where they are and where they most want to be with how effective they use technology in their business. Then, they feel the tension and decide about what they want their future technology landscape to look like. You’ll find that this comes with an extremely high conversion rate.



To recap, initially you need to encourage the prospects to attend the education-based marketing event. In that event, bundle your plan as a gift package that individuals can sign up for in the conclusion of the event. Lastly, you are going to extend the gap at a Conversion Consultation, making prospects commit your technology solution. That is the way you market without selling.

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