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ConnectWise Consulting is more than giving advice. Our proven assessment methodology leverages a six step process that includes interviews and roundtables with key executives and individual contributors, service, sales, and finance process analyisys and review and best practice comparison to align your processes with industry standards.

The assessment will provide honest feedback on the overall performance of the your business operations, identify performance gaps and provide specific recommendations on the changes necessary to correct operational deficiencies.
Recommendations are prioritized based on their importance to the business as well as impact on customer satisfaction. The resulting assessment report offers a no-nonsense Action Plan justification that will help build executive support and secure the deciscions needed to make critical changes to the business.



Let’s Get Things Started Right – YOUR Way. We review your entire business and processes with one eye on ConnectWise, and the other on your unique company structure, work roles, groups, and more. Your way got you pretty darn far, and we always remember that.



How Can We Help You?
ConnectWise makes Service intuitive and effective. We’ll look at everything regarding how service works within your team structure. Action items include: Service Tickets and Ticket Flow, Service Boards, Service Level Agreement, Workflow Automation, and Reporting Metrics.
We also dive into Referral Management, Dispatch Portals, Time Management and Entry, Integrated Tools, and Configurations.



Stay In the Black!
The finance tools in ConnectWise are impressive, and
inherently effective in increasing revenue. We’ll look at everything financial, from Accounting Integration to Invoicing to Reporting Tools to Sales Orders/Rates and much more.



ConnectWise Agreements Are Vital
Within the finance, sales, and service aspects of
ConnectWise, sometimes Agreements get pushed aside. Not so here.
We’ll help you understand this vital function, and
review Agreement Templates and how they relate to
MSA’s, Work Roles, and Work Types. This allows for
more effective invoicing, a better handle on hourly
rates, profitability, costs, time management, and



Moving the Needle North
Lead Generation and Sales Processes reach an
entirely new level with ConnectWise. We’ll look at
the entire sales funnel, from marketing to
campaign management to opportunities, quotas,
reporting, workflow automation, and more.
The campaign, prospect, team, and sales order
should all interconnect, and we’ll lay the roadmap.



How Do We Get From Here to There? Now the fun part begins. After gathering all the information, we’ll have our Post Assessment internal meeting. We go over all the data collected, what we learned about how ConnectWise and your business are currently integrating, and map out improvements both large and small.
The result is a comprehensive action plan that is specifically targeted to your company’s well-being and growth.


What We Learned. What We Will Do. Final review, presentation of assessments, and a proposal for the next steps, including
Best Practice guidelines, suggested actions, and available tools.