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How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

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How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

Productivity is the lifeline of an enterprise. It can make or break business operations. And employee motivation is the core ingredient behind high company productivity.
Employee motivation is critical for business success. A motivated workforce is more productive. They take on challenges and meet company goals on time.
The following are some easy ways to keep your employees motivated at the workplace:

Show you care

First off, show your appreciation to your team. Simple acts, such as recognizing an employee’s birthday or sending a thank you note, go a long way in enhancing their motivation. In addition, they help build positive relationships.
Appreciate their work and efforts. Try to play an active role in their lives.

Provide them with what they need      

Provide your team with the tools, training and support they need and want. Don’t assume your team has everything. Don’t expect your employees to come to you every time they want something.
Speak to them personally and find out what they want and need. Make sure you serve their needs and wants immediately.

Communicate openly, clearly on consistent basis

Communication plays an integral role in developing solid relationship with employees. Communicate regularly with your teams. Provide them with constructive feedback. Be open, specific and honest.
In addition, hold short one-on-one meetings with them to assess employee performance and identify new goals. Listen to their grievances. And more importantly, take action to address their problems.

Recognize their efforts

If an employee performs well, recognize their hard work. It’s important for employees to feel that their efforts are being acknowledged. Recognition fuels employee motivation and productivity.

Organize engaging activities

Organize motivational activities to boost employee productivity and performance. You can hire a motivational speaker or hold team-building events a few times every year. Such activities also allow employees to work together. Conduct an employee survey to choose the activity.

Hold a fun event

Whether it’s a picnic or a themed party, organize an event to give your team a mini break from work. Such events help build employee loyalty toward the organization. They feel that you care about them. Above all, happy, energized employees feel are more motivated and productive.

Lead by example

Inspire your team. If you’re not motivated, chances are your team won’t be either.

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