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Leadership Mistakes That Cost Productivity

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Leadership Mistakes That Cost Productivity

Are you satisfied with how your business is working out? There is a steady stream of orders coming in; your employees are working round the clock; cash flow is great. But wait…take a closer look—not at your operations, but at yourself.
Are you making the following leadership mistakes and subtly falling victim to their disastrous consequences?

Not Delegating Responsibilities

“If I do it myself, it will take a few minutes.” “I need to handle this order myself.” “I got this… and that!”
Even if no one else can do a job as good as you can, you have to agree that someone else can always do it better. The only way to find out is to delegate responsibilities and motivate people to push themselves, not showcasing your abilities on every other thing.
But how can delegating really kill your business? In more than a few ways, including:

  • Your employees are easily de-motivated. None of them get a chance to express what they can truly help you achieve, because you never give them the chance.
  • You will end up burning out. Since you like to do most of the work, how long can you keep up with it? There will inevitably soon come a time when you longer would be able to work and will need a break.
  • You will disrupt company operations. Doing everything yourself means you will end up taking on a job that will keep the rest of the staff waiting to proceed till you do it. This could translate into missed business opportunities and plenty of missed deadlines.


Not Strategizing Enough

Your business suffers most when you don’t strategize accordingly. Even if you delegate responsibilities, you could easily end up dedicating a whole day to meeting employees, clients and updating your social media profiles.
Regardless of your responsibilities, ensure that you make time every week to consider the bigger picture.
Schedule regular meetings where you meet key players in your business operations and discuss your strategies. In the fast-paced business environment today, you can’t lay back and wait for things to happen before you strategize. Don’t be reactive, be proactive.

No Strategy Execution

How many inventors do you know who came up with the perfect ideas, but barely did anything about it? That’s not how it works.
Delegating and strategizing is one thing, but acting upon those strategies and executing plans is an entirely different scenario. If you have goals, you should also know how to accomplish them.

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