DISC Leadership Assessment and Motivators

Leaders became leaders because at some point in their professional careers, they grew. It’s really that simple.

And the best leaders continue to grow. Because they recognize that only by increasing their knowledge, both outwardly and inwardly, can they become even more effective leaders.

DISC Leadership Assessment and Motivators is ideal for leaders of every level, from department leads to the CEO, and everywhere else along the ladder. Because when leaders learn about themselves and what truly drives them, they can recognize areas of improvement, and how to better relate to their charges and upper management both.

Insights into Leadership Traits and Motivations

Leaders truly benefit from the tremendous insight that a combined DISC Assessment plus Motivators gives. It gives them the entire picture, and more importantly, it gives them clear areas for improvement, and also lays the groundwork for “lightbulb clicking-on” actionable steps. Once a leader truly has insight into why they do what they do, it opens a lot of doors in their minds, where they can plot a clear course for future success.

The DISC testing we administer helps determine the “how” of behavior, but adding motivators uncovers the “why” across seven different areas:

  • The Aesthetic Value – The need for balance and harmony in one’s professional and personal life.
  • The Economic Value – What drives us economically? What’s the reason we want to earn?
  • The Individualistic Value – What drives us to be unique?
  • The Political Value – How much control over our destiny do we desire?
  • The Altruistic Value – How much does compassion and helping others drive us?
  • The Regulatory Value – How much structure do we seek/need?
  • The Theoretical Value – How learning and knowledge drives us.

Uncovering the answers to these seven areas makes for better leaders. Sierra Pacific Consulting can assist you with the complete program, from start to finish, and put you on the road to a happier, more productive workplace.


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