Disc Technical Assessment and Motivators

Like we mentioned earlier, nobody is a “born salesperson”. Good / great salespeople are developed – through self-improvement, a continuous honing of people skills, exceptional preparedness, and a keen sense of time management.

The salespeople who “make it” in the industry all practice self-improvement. You’ll find them reading books, attending seminars, studying proven sales principles, and partaking in many other self-improvement activities. But the common thread is they are always looking for an edge, and they all self-assess.

There’s a reason companies invest in these activities – it’s profitable. Self-assessment and self-improvement turn average salespeople into good ones, and turn good salespeople into great ones. And this is important, because good/great salespeople create substantial revenue, for both themselves and their companies.

Sales IQ DISC Testing with Motivators Is Exceptionally Powerful

DISC Assessment with a Sales IQ focus and Motivators helps salespeople of all levels have a better understanding of who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what drives them, and much more. It’s arguably the best tool we’ve seen for any sales-driven endeavor. From salespeople finding out more about themselves and areas that need improvement to sales managers getting a better picture of their sales team, this is the gold standard of sales tools.

Sierra Pacific Consulting can administer the DISC Sales IQ and Motivators for individuals, managers, and groups. This is an ongoing process for your people, and will yield substantial results.  Results you can measure by simply looking at the bottom line.

Sierra Pacific Consulting can lead you to unparalleled sales success by conducting this industry-leading DISC Sales IQ Assessment with Motivators. Contact us here to learn more.

Here are the areas that are given a deep, meaningful insight:


  • Preparation – Both preparing for the sale and preparing yourself to sell (two different things), being “ready” is where it all begins.
  • Targeting – Targeting the proper markets, industries, and companies matter a great deal, but also critical is who you talk to within those areas. And the correct person is not always obvious.
  • Connecting – This is the initial step – that crucial first contact. You need to connect both on an intellectual / logical level, as well as an emotional one. The key is to be seen as a trusted solution.
  • Assessment – Know what to sell and how to sell it. This is where your listening skills really matter.
  • Problem Solving – You heard the issues, and now a solution needs to be applied. It’s critical that you address pain points, but must be careful that your value-laden dialog does not devolve into a “pitch”. This is harder than it sounds.
  • Confirmation – We used to call this the “close” (and many still do, really). But “close” is too final of a word, and any good salesperson knows that this is only the beginning. So let’s treat it that way.
  • Continued Value and Assurance – When your solution does what you promised, and the client feels you are truly there for them, well, that’s how accounts are nurtured, and future sales cultivated.
  • Managing – You have two sales managers. The one you report to in an official capacity, and yourself. Knowing how to stay productive, even when you don’t feel like it internally, is key to succeeding in this industry. It’s a lot deeper than making “one more call”.
  • By self-assessing effectiveness in each of these eight areas, you will gain an overview that enables you to be a much more effective self-manager and consistently successful sales professional. And for sales managers, knowing how their sale teams (and themselves) are performing along these metrics is incredibly valuable as well.


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