Disc Technical Assessment and Motivators

Technical employees are a special breed. But you already knew that.

To be honest, people who choose tech as a career – and this is pretty accurate of any tech discipline – are far from clock-punching 9-5’ers. Oh, they may work most days 9-5, but technical people are always thinking, planning, strategizing, and looking for a better way. It’s just their nature.

But working with, managing, and leading technical people can be a challenge. They have opinions, drivers, and motivators, and they know they have options, too. They want to work, fix, build, and make everything better, but they don’t want to be stifled.

Add to the above the simple fact that while technical people share a lot of traits, everyone is also very different. Putting a highly technical person in a pre-defined box usually results in eventually having an ex-employee (and a grateful competitor). One size does not fit all.

Technical Assessment and Motivators Reveal The Keysators

By combining Disc testing with Motivators in a technical slant, you get a better understanding of your technical-focused employees (and they get a more complete picture of themselves).

Together, the results help you both in aligning your goals and motivations, and focus on what truly matters for both personal and corporate success.

DISC testing helps determine the “how” of behavior, but adding motivators uncovers the “why”.

It’s a serious, eye-opening insight into seven different areas:

  • The Aesthetic Value – The need for balance and harmony in one’s professional and personal life.
  • The Economic Value – What drives us economically? What’s the reason we want to earn?
  • The Individualistic Value – What drives us to be unique?
  • The Political Value – How much control over our destiny do we desire?
  • The Altruistic Value – How much does compassion and helping others drive us?
  • The Regulatory Value – How much structure do we seek/need?
  • The Theoretical Value – How learning and knowledge drives us.

Uncovering the answers to these seven areas makes for better technical employees. Sierra Pacific Consulting can assist you with the complete program, from start to finish, and put you on the road to a happier, more productive workplace.


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