ConnectWise Implementation & Project Consulting Services

Hit the Ground Running, With Maximum Buy-In

The biggest roadblock to ConnectWise success is a bumpy start. Too often, project implementations fall short in meeting the outcomes envisioned. We’ll ensure the install and launch is smooth, including creating new processes and conducting training.

Let Our Project Consultants Handle Everything, and Show You Exactly How It All Works.

With Our ConnectWise Implementation, we will:

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The End Result Depends on the Beginning.

When it comes to software installation, implementation, and new system roll-outs, a smooth launch is everything. Because you want to immediately have the software improve your overall processes and methodology (that’s why you invested in it in the first place). What you don’t want is to constantly put out fires due to unforeseen hazards – all that does is ensure the new system never takes a real foothold, and fails to live up to its full potential. We will ensure that everything goes as planned, in the most optimal manner possible.

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Here, There, and Everywhere.

Not lost on us is the fact that remote work is a very real activity, and needs to also work from Day One. We’ll make sure you’re 100% dialed in (pardon the old-school pun.)

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Buy-In is Crucial.

Your people truly accepting the new system is vital. If they don’t, your launch will never succeed. This is compounded by the fact that the rollout is happening regardless. So even if your employees don’t like it, they feel like they have to accept things at the meeting, but then, amongst themselves at the water cooler, will pine for how things used to be. Thus, we make sure everyone is 100% comfortable with the new system before it launches with a systematic, Best Practices-influenced training and process development schedule.

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All the Pieces Will Fit.

ConnectWise touches many different areas of your business. We’ll ensure every last one of them works as intended. We have years of experience across a wide range of ConnectWise installs, and we know how to prepare companies / Legacy Systems for the changeover. With Sierra Pacific Consulting and our Best Practices methodology firmly at your side, together we’ll hit that “Launch” button with complete confidence, ensuring ConnectWise fits seamlessly into your business, right from the start.

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Training and Process Building.

Let’s talk about training and process building for a second. We’ll make certain that everyone is properly trained in all aspects of the system that pertain to them (and then some). We will also work closely with you and your people to build new processes (with clear documentation) that make sense, and also make everyone’s job easier. Because when employees are confident in the “new system”, everything works better.

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Who is this for?

If you’re ready for huge growth in your business

If your business has revenue over $400,000/year

If you’re ready for change and can dedicate time to the process

The Install and Launch are Crucial. Together, We’ll Do It Right.

A Sierra Pacific Consulting Application Consultant is cross trained and consistently works in both Operational Improvement and System Implementation.

This works because the two skill sets are complimentary. The Operational Improvement skill allows the business focus on the definition of the new operational workflow. With these skills the Business Architect is able to participate in an unusually impactful way across the entire project. Our Application Consultants are equipped to align scope, project design, and functional requirements across project to minimize gaps and focus on delivering the predicted business value. They are experts in relating the ever difficult task of identifying, assessing, and communicating project risks and impacts throughout the MSP or IT business as a whole.

The Application Consultant role crosses between that of a Project Manager and a Business Analyst. In many projects, our Application Consultants are hired as a single resource to serve both roles; however, they can serve as either independently or as a separate advisor to the business team based on the scope of the project. In whatever role they fill, the job of an Application Consultant is to always ask better questions and provide a forward-look of the project.

At Sierra Pacific Consulting our Implementation team focuses on bridging the gap between the current reality, and the promise of tomorrow, using the following goals:

  • A better solution for your business
  • Less rework over the lifecycle of Connectwise
  • A smoother go-live and user acceptance of changes
  • Sierra Pacific Consulting uses seasoned, best-practices project management methodologies coupled with a fresh view of implementation processes driven by micro goals. Sierra Pacific Consulting leads projects by focusing on the burning question: “Are we poised to reach our goals?” and collaborating with teams to fluidly manage and work to achieve those goals.


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