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Who We Are

Sierra Pacific Consulting is a Technology Consulting Firm specializing in ConnectWise. We focus on making ConnectWise the core of your business to be able to grow and scale with confidence. We offer ConnectWise Consulting, Implementation, Support, Accounting, and Lead Generation.

Who We Serve

Our typical client is an IT or MSP company who is either growing, or has grown in the past, and is looking to reclaim that upward spark. Company size is generally anywhere from $1 Million to $100 Million in revenue, but truthfully, the internal attitude is more important. Our clients understand the need for outside help, and recognize the benefits of specialized expertise.

Our Respect for You

The key component of why we’re an excellent choice lies in our belief that your way of doing business must be recognized and respected. It’s much better, for both you and your people, to have processes and technology (like ConnectWise) adapted to fit your company’s culture and methodology. After all, you’ve made it this far – clearly you’re doing something right.


Our Team, ConnectWise Specialists with Experience

Together with our leading ConnectWise Consulting services, Sierra Pacific Consulting offers one of the most comprehensive and insightful teams in the marketplace.

Adam Bielanski

President Senior Consultant

Michelle Zix

Accounting Manager Senior Consultant

Nicole Cygielman

Marketing Manager Senior Consultant

Becky Cozzone

Consulting Manager Senior Consultant

Chris Langley-Burr

Project Manager

Misty Peterman

Applications Consultant

Carrie Downing

Accounting Consultant

Amanda Williams

Bookkeeping Consultant

Michelle Cobb

Marketing Consultant

Vanessa Perez

Accounting Consultant

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Sierra Pacific Consulting helped us save our team 72 hours per week by automating our sales process! Our quote templates are perfect, and only something I had hoped would be implemented before the end of next year – SPC helped me do it in just a few months.

Michael Kanet

iTernal Networks

Sierra Pacific Consulting Helped DSM Improve Procurement and Streamline Service Delivery with precision and efficiency. Without their expertise, and long standing relationship with my PSA provider, I would have still been sending out manual quotes to my prospects! They really helped take my vision and translate it into reality.

Greg Madden


It would have taken me years to build out a custom reporting feature for my clients. With the knowledge of Adam and his team of ConnectWise experts, I was able to implement this in just 3 months! Really knowledgeable team to work with.

Doug Nenzel