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Sierra Pacific Consulting is fully committed to our client’s success. And the key drivers of this commitment are our five core values, which shape everything we do.


We cultivate and carry the load together by building purposeful, authentic relationships grounded in a shared vision. We do this by actively listening to the needs of clients.


The well-planned and executed process is critical to long-range success. Small tasks lead to the accomplishment of a big goal.


We exist for one reason; to drive results. Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results. The journey will map itself out when we focus on the outcome.


We act with empathy, honesty, transparency, and integrity. We welcome hard conversations and don’t make assumptions – we ask and answer questions. We rely on each other to find and execute solutions.

We create raving fans of our clients and of each other. If our clients aren’t raving about our people and our services, then we have not achieved the level we strive for.

We translate good ideas into great success

Who We Are

Sierra Pacific Consulting is a Consulting Firm specializing in ConnectWise. We focus on making ConnectWise the core of your business to be able to grow and scale with confidence. Efficient service teams, impeccable administrative departments, and robust sales engines are the core of our business. 

Our Respect for You

The key component of why we’re an excellent choice lies in our belief that your way of doing business must be recognized and respected. It’s much better, for both you and your people, to have processes and software adapted to fit your company’s culture and methodology. After all, you’ve made it this far – clearly you’re doing something right.

Our Team, ConnectWise Specialists with Experience

Together with our leading ConnectWise Consulting services, Sierra Pacific Consulting offers one of the most comprehensive and insightful teams in the marketplace.

Adam Bielanski

President & CEO

Nicole Cygielman

Marketing Director

Kyle Christensen

Management Consultant

Cassie Kerr

Services Consultant

Chris Langley-Burr

Project Manager

Eileen Wilson

ConnectWise Consultant

Michelle Zix

Accounting Director

Carrie Downing

Bookeeping Consultant

Amanda Williams

Bookkeeping Consultant

Brooke Greenwade

Marketing Consultant

Calen Bender

Marketing Consultant

Meet Amanda & Carrie.

“Our accounting team has over 40 years of experience, but what makes us special is that we know how to take and apply those best accounting practices that are specific to your IT company.”

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Meet Adam.

“We want to understand the business its needs, where it’s at and establish a really creative plan for the future that enables us to be more realistic in our action plan to be able to scale and grow your business from the moment we go live.”

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