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The Secret Key To Creating Valuable Marketing Content For Your Prospects

Technology business owners often believe that their marketing can only end up on one of two sides of the value spectrum. On both sides of the spectrum, there is no-value/all-pitch. Technology business owners believe that if they really want to convince their prospect into buying their services, they need to concentrate on a sales pitch rather than providing plenty of information.

The opposing side of this spectrum is high-value/no-pitch. They wish to engage their prospects by providing useful advice, but they have difficulty fitting in an offer in an elegant manner. The solution is not to focus on one side of the value spectrum for your marketing content. The solution is a plan I call Soft Teaching. Soft Teaching is useful AND entertaining to prospects. It gives them a small taste of what you can do for them as a technology company. If you do it right, the “taste” you give them is so good they become engaged and want more. You want your prospects to become addicted to your marketing content.


The very best way to get individuals engaged with your posts would be to tell a story. The moment you begin to tell a story, folks cannot help but listen in. We are all trained from childhood to listen to stories and Ignore facts and statistics.

For example, someone recently asked me, “Can you remember the top three things you learned in high school?” I drew a bit of a blank. Then he asked, “Ok, can you name three characters from Friends?” I immediately said, “Rachel, Chandler, and Joey.” See how easy it was?

We forget facts and figures but we remember stories. Watching episode after episode of Friends created a connection. The stories and characters are now ingrained in my memory – much more so than my high school classes filled with facts and figures. We want to story sell instead of fact sell.

Story-selling is more than story-telling. We want our prospects to be engaged, but we also want them to take action. The framework for story selling is simple. We’ll use the acronym SLO. First, we’re going to tell a story. From that story we’ll pull a lesson. This can be the moral of the story, a business lesson, etc. Then we will make an offer that gets our prospects to take action towards you. Simply stating fact after fact in your content advertising will not prompt your prospects to buy from you, and it surely will not make them hungry for much more.

Facts and statistics may play a part in a sales appointment, but they should not be the base of your content marketing. Bear in mind, the objective of Soft Teaching is to provide equally useful value and something amusing which contributes to engagement and actions.


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